December 22, 2009

Epic Plans for '010

Since it's almost the end of the year, it's time for holiday mayhem and setting New Years resolutions.  I don't really know why I set resolutions every year because I hardly ever keep them for more than a few weeks anyway.  I don't even remember what my resolutions were last year or any other year for that this time, I'm changing things up.  I want to actually accomplish something, and remember it!  I decided the best way to go about doing this, is to do something running-related since I'm finally back into the running groove, sort of.

Half way through 2008 I started running again - a few miles here and there - and ran my first race since high school!  A seemingly difficult 5 miles with my dad.

In 2009, I ran another 5 mile race in Madison in a friggin massive thunderstorm (proof), a 5 mile trail run, my first and second half marathons, a repeat of my first 5 miler the year before, an absolutely ridiculous "10k," and completed a pretty epic bike tour!  Side note: just realized 5 miles is my favorite distance :)

I definitely need to do something totally epic to top 2009.  So, I give you my New Years resolution for 2010:  Run at least 1 race every month!  Including 3 marathons!  I'm really excited about this, but nervous at the same time - mostly about the 3 marathons.  All the other races will pretty much just be a way to make sure I get off my butt and do my long training runs.  My first marathon will be in May, and I have no idea how it will go.  Right now, I can't even fathom running 26.2 miles since just running 13.1 is a daunting task.  So why 3 marathons?  If I (worst case) hate my experience at the first one, it'll force me to give the marathon another chance - and if you've talked to Chic Runner, you'd know second chances can be amazing!  And if I love it, then duh, I'll have 2 more to run!  Also, I'd like to do 3 over just 2 because I already have two I know I want to do, so throwing a 3rd in there will make things interesting :)

I have my race schedule for the first half of the year almost all planned out!  It's going to be challenging, but fun.  I'm signed up for two TRAIL half marathons (I don't do trails), a 3 mile race on a frozen, snowy, lake which I plan to run to from my house since it's only 4-5 miles away - not a lot of people can say they've RAN to their race!  And finally, my first full marathon!  Here's the line-up so far:

January - Southern California Half Marathon
February - Yukon Day 3 Mile Run and Catalina Buffalo Run Half Marathon
March - Chesebro Half Marathon
April - TBD
May - OC Marathon!
October - Chicago Marathon - 10/10/10!

I hope I can afford to keep this resolution :) Can't wait for '010!


  1. ha ha YAY! Second chances are amazing. believe me, even if your first one sucks, you'll have a great day, and if your first one is great, then you get to run more you're totally right! :) Also, I ran to a race this past year, to the seal beach 10k and back ha ha. it was pretty funny. You can totally do this and I'm so excited for you!!!

  2. wow, ms appocolypse, that's a tall order for '010! i think, since you've surrounded yourself with people that have a flair for the epic, you'll have no lack of motivation to be successful. plus, you've announced to said wack-jobs your intentions and don't think we'll let you get off the hook.

    i'm guessing this means we'll start seeing you joining the dawn patrol on the occasional morning run or joining repete and i for our lunch:15 track workouts?

    regardless, though, you're going to have a fun and interesting experience as you work toward this goal. and THAT is where the value lies.

  3. doh! i thought i'd be first but i got chic'ed!

  4. danica - thanks for the confidence! i'm super excited :) aaaand, since i'm going to become a crazy runner like yourself i'm sure we'll get to do some running together - finally!

    jeff - it definitely seems like a lot right now, haha...but should be fun and i'm excited to see what i'm capable of :) and you're right, now i HAVE to do it since i just told everyone. no backing down!

    not sure if i'll join you for DP or lunch:15 runs - sort of pete's "thing" away from me so i'd have to talk to him about it :) at least one or two DP runs would be fun tho! just not too confident in my ability to wake up at 4am heh