December 31, 2009

Top Tres of 2009

About this time last year I was sitting around a table in Chicago with Pete and a couple of his friends, Rooster and Tuna.  Rooster asked us to tell our "top 3 of the year."

As everyone started reflecting on their accomplishments and adventures over the past 365 days, I was sitting there thoughtless.  Moving from person to person, I was hearing crazy stories about traveling to Africa and summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya, running ridiculous ultra marathon distances that were unimaginable to me, and finishing some sort of seemingly freakish adventure race.  I was no longer thoughtless - I was thinking, "I guess I am  4-5 years younger than all these people, but is my life really that lame?!"  Still being half-way through my last year of college, the sort of "accomplishments" that started to run through my head were how I won 10 games in a row of beer pong, didn't fall off any bleachers and break a leg while "jumping around," and did such a great job cramming for finals (in between the parties) that I pulled off an awesome GPA.  When it came down to it, I think I said my top 3 were running a race with my dad, and summiting Mt. Baldy and San Gorgonio Mountain - decent accomplishments for someone who had been almost completely inactive for 3 years, if you ask me.  But I still felt like a total lame-o in comparison.

This year, my top 3 (and more) came to me right away, and they're way less lame!  Watch out, Pete Posse, I'm almost as cool as you :)  Drum roll please...

Graduating from College
Although going to college seems like something almost everyone does these days, I'm proud of myself.  I worked hard to get into a great school, and worked even harder to graduate with great grades, make (and keep) great friends, and gain great experiences.

The four years I spent in Madison were some of the best I've had.  I was definitely sad to leave, but it makes me happy to be able to reflect on all I've accomplished and all of the memories I've made.

Half Marathons
As I've said before, I ran my first two half marathons this year after ending my 3 year hiatus towards the end of 2008.  I'm definitely not fast (yet!), but slowly getting into running again this year has allowed me to meet some great new people, accomplish running distances I never had before, set goals I never thought I'd be setting a year ago, and obviously stay healthy!  I felt accomplished after running 13.1 miles twice this year, the longest distance I've gone...but can't wait to go further in '010!

Becoming a Biker Babe
With plans to get rid of my car and do lots of bike commuting once I moved to California, I received a brand new Surly LHT from my mom and dad for a graduation present.  I had never done much biking before - just an occasional, leisurely ride on a bike trail, around the lake near my house, or back and forth to classes on an old bike similar to what you'd find at Target.  I was excited to start biking around, but it was definitely unfamiliar territory.  I remember asking Pete to explain the correct way to shift and how fast or slow I should be pedaling.  And, I had to have my step-dad show me how to step into and get out of my pedals without crashing.  Then there was buying a rear rack, fenders, water bottle cages, a seat, lights, a helmet, shorts, jerseys, panniers...umm, yeah sure, that one looks good!  Total n00b, but hey, it turned out pretty sweet!

By July, I was biking to work and taking the bus back a few days a week - 12 miles in the morning was enough to tire me out, and trying to bike 12 miles home again into the wind was too difficult.  Soon, I found myself biking to an Angels game, the grocery store, Newport, etc., and was able to start making the commute to AND from work.  Come October, I managed to ride both ways for an entire week and I was actually starting to really enjoy biking.  Then in November, I completed my first bike tour with Pete!  Something I did not expect to accomplish as soon as I did.

Since I got my bike in June, I've come a really long way and I'm really proud of what I've been able to do and where I've been able to go through biking.

So, there you have it - my top 3 of 2009.  I've had an incredible year, and thanks to some great people, I was able to accomplish some very un-lame things (and, it was hard to pick just 3!) - be on the lookout 2010, I'm on a roll!

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