January 3, 2010

23 years; 23 proud memories

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday, and as part of my birthday celebration, Pete and I went on a nice bike ride down the coast from Huntington Beach to Solana Beach.  It was an absolutely AMAZING day outside, and although I love my home state, I am SO glad I didn't have to spend my birthday cooped up inside because of -15F temperatures.  I hadn't done any biking for a couple weeks so I was a tad timid about this 75 mile ride (longest ever by about 4 miles)...but I made it!  And, I had a great birthday :)

So in honor of my birthday accomplishment, I thought I'd share 23 things I've accomplished or learned over the past 23 years that I'm proud of or are at least worthy enough to mention.

In no particular order of recollection (hello, randomness)...

1. Biking 75 miles in one stretch
2. Running 2 half marathons
3. Completing a 9-day, 400-some mile bike tour
4. Moving outside of my comfort zone: almost 2000 miles away from home (still not sure why they needed an 18-wheeler for my small room full of stuff)

5. Graduating from UW-Madison with a BS in Materials Science & Engineering
6. Making the Dean's list all 4 years
7. Summiting Mt. Baldy while totally out of shape

8. Winning a coloring contest in 2nd grade
9. Being the high-scorer in a high school basketball game (14 points)

10. Graduating from high school
11. Getting 1st place in the 800m at a high school track meet
12. Being a big sister

13. Getting accepted into UW-Madison, and then into the engineering program
14. Being front row, center in a few of my many dance recitals
15. Learning how to fall in and out of love
16. Getting rid of my car
17. Running a 5:40 min first mile in a cross-country race (and then freaking out and slowing down for the remaining 1.5 :-P)

18. Getting a poem published in a book in 5th grade
19. Learning to play the guitar and clarinet
20. Completing an 18 mile hike while going from Two Harbors to Avalon

21. Learning to appreciate traveling
22. Having research results published in a journal
23. Making life-long friends

And many more...but my memory isn't that great.  Through all it's ups and downs, I love my life! :)


  1. Happy Birthday! What a fun and accomplished post..great idea!

  2. Oh and there are so many more . . . being able to ride a 2-wheel bicycle with no training wheels at 4 years old, rollerblading and dribbling a basketball at the same time at roughly the same age, walking at 7-1/2 months, speaking in whole sentences by 15 months, being invited to take the ACT in 8th grade, graduating in the top 5% of your high school class, being awarded several scholarships, paying your own way through college, landing a couple great internships, being hired by 3M right out of college - YOU ARE AMAZING and I am so proud of all you have accomplished!! Love, Mom